The BCBA supervision experience sets the stage for bringing highly qualified, caring professionals into the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Although each experience must be catered to the needs of the individual, many aspects remain constant. Repeating the same information as you begin a new supervision experience over and over with new candidates detracts from the excitement and joy you experience from this relationship.

According to Karsina (2018), establishing a structured approach to supervision is one of the 5 recommended practices to achieving high quality supervision. Building this structured experience for your supervisees takes time and experience. This course provides you with the structure you need with the flexibility to adapt to the varying needs of your supervisees.

Karsina, A. (2018). BCBA Supervision: Common Problems and Solutions. Grade Network.

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Amelia Dalphonse Amelia Dalphonse Author

Amelia is a BCBA working with children and young adults with autism. She has been working in the field since 2009 and has worked in a variety of settings including homes, schools, the community and clinics. She previously taught young children in a variety of settings including Head Start. She has a passion for helping children and families reach their full potential. Learn more on our About page.