Print this page to create a Functional Behavior Assessment for your client. To create a document you can edit in Microsoft Word complete the following steps:

  • Filter each table for the client for whom you are generating the report (you need to filter each table separately for the client/behavior(s) for the report)
  • Scroll back to the top to click the print button (these instructions will print on the first page but can be discarded)
  • Select either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Print to PDF (on a Mac look for the PDF button)
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Functional Behavior Assessment

wdt_ID Client Name Date of Birth BCBA Name Date of Plan Userid

Reason for Referral

wdt_ID Client Name Reason userid

Background Information

wdt_ID Client Name Background userid

Information Sources

wdt_ID Client Name Source userid

Indirect Assessment (Interviews) Summary

wdt_ID Behavior Name Source Assessment Summary userid

Target Behaviors

wdt_ID Client Name Behavior Name Description Quantifiers Example 1 Example 2 Non-Example 1 Non-Example 2 userid

Baseline Data

wdt_ID Behavior Name Data userid

Direct Assessment (Observation) Summary

wdt_ID Behavior Name Observations userid
clientname Behavior Name Most Common Setting Event Most Common Antecedent Most Common Consequence Most Common Days Most Common Times Hypothesized Function Hypothesized Access userid

SABC Data Summary

wdt_ID Behavior Name Analysis userid

clientname wdt_ID Date Setting Event Antecedent Behavior Consequence userid

Scatterplot Summary

wdt_ID Behavior Name Observations userid
clientname Behavior Name Mode of Tracking Time of Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total userid

Function of Behavior

wdt_ID Behavior Name Summary userid


wdt_ID Behavior Name Strenths userid

Functional Behavior Assessment Summary

wdt_ID Behavior Name Summary userid


wdt_ID Behavior Name Recommendations userid