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Countdown terms:

  1. You must subscribe to our mailing list to participate in the countdown, however you may update your preferences to receive only the emails you want to see. The link will be in the footer of every email.
  2. You will receive 1 email a day for the duration of the countdown. You will also receive welcome emails for joining our community if you’re a new subscriber. Additionally, you will receive our regular newsletters during the countdown.
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  4. Each give away is available for only 1 day. Once a new freebie or prize is available you won’t be able to access the previous one.
  5. On several of the days higher-value prizes will be awarded to up to 10 participants. You must leave your contact information to win these prizes. Your information will not be used for anything other than awarding prizes.
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  7. Total value of free products given to each participant equals $259. Total value of prizes equals $1,528
  8. See our contest rules for more information.


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