Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is the key to successful parent training. However it’s often difficult to get busy parents to actively participate in training. They may be feeling overwhelmed with all their responsibilities, or believe that ABA therapy only happens at the clinic. They may resist the strategies you teach them because they’re so different from what they have experienced in the past, or they might simply not understand what you’re telling them.

The videos below explain 3 common obstacles to parent training (and how to solve them), and provide tips for improving your training. The workbook follows along with these videos (no need to take notes!) and provides space for planning ways you can increase the effectiveness of your training.

Common Obstacles to Parent Training

Every family and situation is unique, and you might have your own list of challenges. The challenges discussed in this video will help set the stage for solving others you encounter. Download the workbook above and use the space provided to take notes and brainstorm solutions.

Improve Your Results with Better Training

Both new and seasoned professionals can increase the effectiveness of their training. The video below will help you look at training from a new perspective that will help you increase parent engagement. As you watch the video, use the workbook to take notes and write down ideas for how you can change your approach to training.

At the end of the video you will find a walk through of the complete curriculum that is provided in the remainder of this course.