How Do I Earn Points?

Students and members can earn points in a variety of ways.

wdt_ID Order Point Type Point Value How to Earn
1 1 Completed a course 2 Complete any course
2 2 Become a member 5 Join the ABLE membership
3 4 Pass a quiz 1 Pass any quiz
4 3 Logged In 5 Log in 5 times in one week
5 5 Goals and Affirmations (members only) 2 Visit the Goals and Affirmations page at least once in a week
6 6 Facebook Group (members only) 5 Join the ABLE Facebook Group and introduce yourself
7 7 Community Leader 5 Most active participants in the Facebook group will be awarded these points weekly

What Can I Get for My Points?

Students and members can exchange points for consultation. 

Ready to take your career to the next level?  Trade 60 points for 30 minutes of consultation.  Email us at to schedule!

My Points