Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is an important component of any ABA program. When parents and others around the child understand ABA concepts, ABA therapy is more effective and learners make better progress.

10 Tips for Providing Better ABA Parent Coaching

Parent coaching requires a combination of relationship development and an exchange of knowledge. Professionals walk a fine line between establishing themselves as the expert while building enough trust to encourage follow-through. Parents must believe you care about their child and your recommendations will make a difference. This post provides the resources you need for effective parent coaching.

How to Explain that Positive Reinforcement is NOT Bribery

Positive reinforcement is a cornerstone intervention in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), but many people outside ABA including parents, caregivers and teachers believe that it’s nothing more than bribery. This post will help you explain the critical differences between reinforcement and bribery.

5 Ways to Engage Parents to Build Generalization at Home

Engaging parents in treatment leads to more effective generalization at home with less intervention from professionals. Behavioral skills training (BST) provides a framework for teaching parents (Lafasakis & Sturmey, 2007), yet fails to offer a way to ensure parent participation. Five of the best strategies you can use include:

  • Build a Rapport
  • Assess the Parents’ Reinforcers
  • Be Flexible about Coaching
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Use a Homework Calendar

This post explains more.

Understanding the Debate about ABA

You may not even be aware, but there is a raging debate over whether ABA is harmful or hurtful. It’s critical that as professionals in ABA we understand both sides of this debate. We must be aware of and responsive to the concerns of those who fear ABA. We must continue to drive the field toward more sensitive, positive practices. This post explains more.