Differential Reinforcement – A Practical Guide


This 42 page guide provides practical information for choosing the appropriate DR procedure and implementing it effectively.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has many tools in the behavior toolbox but one of the most important is reinforcement, including differential reinforcement. Differential reinforcement (DR) is an intervention that reinforces one topography of behavior while putting all other responses on extinction. The intervention strengthens the desired behavior while simultaneously weakening challenging behavior.

Six varieties offer options for behaviors to reinforce:

• Differential reinforcement of other behavior (DRO)

• Differential reinforcement of alternative behavior (DRA)

• Differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI)

• Differential reinforcement of lower rates of behavior (DRL)

• Differential reinforcement of higher rates of behavior (DRH)

• Other Differential Reinforcement (DR) Strategies


This easy-to-follow guide explains how you can use these strategies to help teach a child with autism.


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