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Parent Training Resources

Parent training is one of the most important keys to success for any ABA program. If parents aren’t using these strategies at home, then no amount of work with a professional will reap the gains your clients deserve.

But getting parents and caregivers to “buy in” to training can feel like an impossible task. Parents are already overwhelmed and asking them to attend meetings and then commit to following through with what they’ve learned only adds to their stress.

Understanding the obstacles to success and how to overcome them, including:

  • Confused by ABA jargon
  • Lack of confidence in their ability to learn these strategies
  • Feeling overwhelmed by daily life
  • Stuck in old habits
  • Lack understand how changing their own behavior will have an impact
  • Doubt the effectiveness of ABA

Download the Parent Stress Scale

Parenthood comes with significant stress even when their child doesn’t have disabilities. When a child has autism or other challenges parental stress increases dramatically.

Parent training should alleviate this stress to the greatest degree possible. The Parent Stress Survey provides a measurement of a parent’s perception of their relationship with their child. Conducting this survey with parents at the onset of treatment allows you to understand areas the parent feels are most challenging or most successful. Conducting a repeat survey allows you to determine if progress has been made.

Purchase Parent Training Assessment

Measuring the success of your interventions with your learner ensures success of your program, evaluating parent and caregiver skills across a variety of ABA strategies can improve the effectiveness of your coaching.

Our Parent Training Assessment provides a method of demonstrating measurable gains in parent behavior and implementation of ABA interventions. The assessment guides training of basic ABA principles and strategies for skill acquisition while measuring fidelity of implementation.

This assessment is available for purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Data Collection Sheets

Collecting and analyzing data is key for understanding behavior. Use these downloadable files to make collecting data easier!


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