At Master ABA we take a unique approach to the field. We focus on teaching professionals to use ABA strategies while respecting the individual. We seek to build a community of people who use a child-centric approach to the field. Together we can change not only the perception of how ABA is used but lead the way in shaping the future of the field.

RBTs, BCaBAs and BCBA Candidates

Work 1:1 with one of our highly-qualified BCBAs to meet BACB supervision requirements to achieve or sustain your professional credential.

ServiceRateAdditional Information
Remote Supervision$75 per hourDiscount available**
RBT Competency Assessmentn/aWe aren’t currently offering the RBT Competency Assessment directly. Try the RBT Competency Assessment through the Autism Therapy Career College
Consultation$75 per hourGet the help you need to succeed as a BCBA

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Ongoing Training and Support

Our membership, ABLE Support for BCBAs provides valuable information and support that is ideal for BCBAs just entering the field, or who are frustrated with their current role.  The AID Data Collection Tools add on allows you to collect and analyze data directly in the tool so you can easily generate editable FBAs and BIPs.  You can also choose to add on the RISE Supervision program for a ready-to-go curriculum to save time and ensure the best experience for your supervisee. Join a members-only community of ABA professionals to get the support you need!

Online Courses

View our course catalog for a-la-carte options.   This can be an affordable way to see what we have to offer and practice core ABA concepts.