crafting a well-written behavior intervention plan

Behavior Intervention Plans

A behavior intervention plan (BIP) provides direction to others when facing challenging behavior. BIPs must be concise and comprehensive, written in language that the interventionist understands. New behavior analysts find it difficult to write effective BIPs efficiently yet they are the foundation for successful programming.

crafting a well-written behavior intervention plan

Learning Modules

What you Need to Get Started

Learner-Specific Information


Target Behaviors

Hypothesis of Function

Antecedent Interventions

Skill Development Interventions

Consequence Interventions

Response to Target Behavior

Additional Strategies and Information

BIP Structure and Formatting

Increasing Efficiency in Your Writing

Learning objectives

This course takes you step-by-step through the process and provides a wealth of resources the help you become an efficient writer. This course is a must for new BCBAs or students preparing for their first position in the role. Take the guesswork out of writing your plan.

Learn to go from data –> function –> intervention. Start now!

Description of Event

This course covers:

  • of a BIP
  • Common Antecedent, Skill Development and Consequence Interventions
  • Writing a Statement of Hypothesized Function
  • BIP Structure and Formatting
  • Increasing Efficiency in Your Writing

This course does not provide CEUs, but does offer valuable information to guide professionals in creating a well-written BIP.

Tarbox, J., Najdowski, A. C., Bergstrom, R., Wilke, A., Bishop, M., Kenzer, A., & Dixon, D. (2013). Randomized evaluation of a web-based tool for designing function-based behavioral intervention plansResearch in Autism Spectrum Disorders7(12), 1509-1517.

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Amelia is a BCBA working with children and young adults with autism. She has been working in the field since 2009 and has worked in a variety of settings including homes, schools, the community and clinics. She previously taught young children in a variety of settings including Head Start. She has a passion for helping children and families reach their full potential.