Parent engagement is the key to successful parent training. However it’s often difficult to get busy parents to actively participate in training. They may be feeling overwhelmed with all their responsibilities, or believe that ABA therapy only happens at the clinic. They may resist the strategies you teach them because they’re so different from what they have experienced in the past, or they might simply not understand what you’re telling them.

This course begins by giving you the tools you need to provide better parent training and get parents more engaged.

The remaining 16 lessons provide a complete curriculum you can use with parents and caregivers. Each lesson:

  • Explains core ABA concepts in terms parents can understand.
  • Contains assignments for parents to complete to practice what they’re learning right away.
  • Can be taught in any order that makes sense for your client.
  • May be used with all your families to provide a solid structure to help parents understand ABA and their role in helping their child succeed.