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Supervision and Parent Training

Parent training and BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) supervision play crucial roles in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and are vital for the effective implementation of ABA principles and strategies.

Parent training empowers parents or caregivers with the necessary skills to support their child’s behavior and development outside of formal therapy sessions. By receiving training, parents gain a deeper understanding of ABA techniques, behavior management strategies, and reinforcement procedures. This enables them to implement consistent interventions and promote generalization of skills in the natural environment. Parent involvement also facilitates generalization from therapy settings to everyday life, ensuring continuity and maximizing the child’s overall development.

BCBA supervision is equally important as it provides guidance, oversight, and expertise to ensure the quality and effectiveness of ABA interventions. BCBA supervisors possess advanced knowledge and experience in the field, allowing them to assess, design, and monitor individualized treatment plans. They supervise and support the implementation of interventions, conduct regular assessments, and make data-driven decisions to modify strategies as needed. BCBA supervision also ensures adherence to ethical standards and best practices in ABA, promoting the highest level of care and protection for clients.

Parent training empowers families to implement ABA strategies in daily life, while BCBA supervision ensures the application of evidence-based practices, quality assurance, and ethical standards. The combination of parent training and BCBA supervision creates a collaborative and comprehensive approach that enhances the effectiveness of ABA interventions and contributes to the positive outcomes for individuals receiving ABA services.

These posts, courses and resources provide the framework for successfully implementing these programs.

Behavioral Skills Training (BST): Step-by-Step Guide to Unleashing Full Potential

Behavioral Skills Training (BST) is an evidence-based training method that aims to teach individuals new skills using a systematic approach. This training technique has been widely applied in various settings, such as education, healthcare, and workplace environments. BST is now widely used in ABA practices and is recognized as one of the best ways to train staff, parents and non-ABA professionals how to use ABA interventions.

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The 4 Pillars of BCBA Trainee Supervision: Independent Fieldwork that Changes Lives

The 4 pillars of BCBA trainee supervision provide a framework for your supervision experience to ensure the highest quality supervision possible. As a BCBA, you routinely break complex tasks into simpler ones. The 4 pillars do the same with supervision. The 4 pillars are: Realize your role as a leader, Impart your knowledge and experience, Sharpen to bring existing skills to a new level, Empower your trainees to become the future leaders of ABA.

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RISE Supervision Curriculum

How can busy BCBAs be sure they’re covering everything needed when providing supervision?

Based on significant research on the topic of supervision and years of experience, I now have the answer to this question. This curriculum not only provides the resources your trainees need during supervision, but it also gives you the tools you need to get them to engage in learning.

Included you will find 4 lessons that will set supervision up for success, along with the 4 pillars I’ve discovered that will make supervision more successful than ever. The remaining 20 lessons encompass all the BACB required topics.

Each lesson contains goals, material covering the topic, assignments and a quiz to gauge learning.

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ACHIEVE Parent Training

How can BCBAs get parents who are stressed and overwhelmed to engage in training? Based on research and 30+ years of experience working with families, I have finally discovered the answer to this question. This curriculum not only provides the information your families need during parent training, but it also gives you the tools you need to get them to engage in learning.

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ABA Parent Training: The Complete Guide To Helping Parents Succeed

ABA parent training is an important part of any ABA program. It involves teaching parents critical skills to ensure generalization, improve functioning in the natural environment, reduce the parent’s stress level, and generally make life more enjoyable for everyone.

Or does it?

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How to Easily Engage Parents in ABA Parent Training-Learn These 3 Secrets

You already know the importance of parent training to the success of an ABA program and that it’s usually required by the insurance company. Showing up to parent training isn’t enough to help your client succeed. Parents must engage in training and change their own behavior outside of sessions. The question is: how do you get parents to not only show up but to actually engage in parent training?

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10 Tips for Providing Better ABA Parent Training

Parent coaching requires a combination of relationship development and an exchange of knowledge. Professionals walk a fine line between establishing themselves as the expert while building enough trust to encourage follow-through. Parents must believe you care about their child and your recommendations will make a difference. This post provides the resources you need for effective parent coaching.

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ACHIEVE Parent Training Assessment

Unlike anything currently available on the market, this assessment of parent ABA skill acquisition allows you to break down the critical skills you teach in your parent training and measure progress. Each skill includes a brief fidelity checklist so you can rate the parent’s demonstration of a specific component of the skill taught. This provides the data you need to provide the insurance companies to get your treatment plans approved!

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ACHIEVE Parent Training Interactive Goals Workbook

Use this interactive PDF to identify meaningful goals for your ABA parent training program. This tool contains 32 sample goals in 8 different categories to get your parent training off on the right foot!

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