Antecedent Interventions: Complete Guide

Collecting ABC data helps us understand behavior in context. Reinforcement and other consequence interventions are a cornerstone of ABA (see Understanding Consequence Interventions: Punishment vs Reinforcement). Here we dive a little deeper into using the first part of the 3 term contingency – Antecedent interventions. Begin by collecting ABC data to help you identify some frequent …

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Understanding Consequence Interventions: Punishment vs Reinforcement

In Applied Behavior Analysis, interventions fall into a variety of categories. Antecedent interventions can be used to prevent the “trigger” that often leads to a behavior or response (see Antecedent Interventions: Complete Guide). Skill development interventions help teach skills and replacement behaviors. Here we discuss consequence interventions. A consequence is anything immediately following a behavior …

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What is Pivotal Response Training (PRT)?

ABA teaching methods occur in a variety of treatment settings falling along a continuum between natural and highly analog environments. Pivotal Response Training is a teaching methodology from the more natural end of this continuum. It focuses on improving skills in 4 pivotal areas that, once learned, help the child acquire other skills more rapidly.

Prompt Hierarchy: A New Perspective

Although professionals often refer to this prompt hierarchy as one sequence of prompts that can be followed in ascending or descending order of intrusiveness, in reality, there are 3 distinct hierarchies. Prompts from one hierarchy may naturally be included during prompt fading.